Wellbeing Coaching

Sophie Wright – Wellbeing Coach

Sophie has been based at Ingledale since 2006 and is a member of The Complimentary Medical Association.

As a Wellbeing Coach, Sophie is passionate about guiding and supporting women to find confidence and self-belief in themselves and in the lives they lead.

Having spent many decades supporting women from teenagers through to older women, coaching and mentoring them to navigate various times of transition in their lives, Sophie has a special interest and experience in coercive control, trauma bonding and its effects on all aspects of the mind, body and spirit.

Other reasons coaching may be beneficial might be:

  • becoming a mum for the first time
  • returning to work after a long break
  • setting out on a new challenge or venture
  • recovering from the trauma of grief, a loss or abuse
  • a sense of a loss of identity and purpose
  • understanding the messages from the physical body to help bring about emotional healing
  • experiencing a period of transition and change
  • guidance to make changes that allow women to move forwards in life with clarity and renewed energy
  • understanding and allowing the stages of healing our bodies require to lead to balance and wellbeing
  • identifying blocks and insecurities that are holding someone back


Tel: 07752 309 313

Email: info@coachingwithsophie.co.uk

Web: www.coachingwithsophie.co.uk