Tracy Highton


Body Stress Release

Tracy qualified as a Body Stress Release practitioner in 1994 and has been working at Ingledale since 2007. Tracy is passionate about Body Stress Release and, as well as being past Chair of the UK Body Stress Release Association for 10 years, she also teaches at the Body Stress Release Academy Europe, training the next generation of practitioners. Tracy is also a member of the BCMA.

Body Stress Release (or BSR) offers a gentle and effective way to release stored tension from the muscles and works with your body’s natural desire to be stress-free. This stored tension may be the cause of discomfort or other symptoms you’re experiencing. This can include a multitude of indications such as backache, neck pain, headaches, sciatic pain, cramp, constipation, heartburn, vulval pain and anxiety – to name a few.

Our bodies store this body stress in layers, often over many years. Think of the layers of an onion. With BSR we encourage the body to release these layers, just like peeling back the layers of an onion.

BSR uses information provided by your body to locate stored tension. This could be affecting your nervous system and, therefore, your body’s ability to function to its fullest potential. Once you start to store stress or tension you become less able to adapt to new stresses and gradually move further away from your full health potential.

While you are lying down, fully clothed, Tracy will test your body for body stress using a series of gentle reflex tests along your spine and other areas of your body as required. Your body will indicate the exact sites of body stress, and Tracy will then apply a gentle but precise stimulation to the affected areas to encourage your body to ‘release’ the tension, thereby restoring the body’s communication and its natural self-healing abilities.

BSR is for everyone, from infants to the elderly and is also safe during pregnancy.
If you would like to discuss how BSR could help you please contact Tracy who would be happy to talk to you and, if required, offer you a free consultation.


Tel: 07960 322 387