Steven Wanstall

Member of SOM
MBCT Teacher Development 1 Qualified


Steve has lived locally for 13 years with his wife and two children. He’s also lived for extended periods in Australia and Switzerland.

He started practising meditation in 2000 after joining the school of meditation in London. This has formed part of his daily routine ever since. During this time, meditation quickly became a passion in Steve’s life where he subsequently spent much of his free time reading books by spiritual teachers and attending weekly group sessions in London. Due to his extensive knowledge on the subject of meditation and how this can benefit our daily lives, he decided to take some formal training to enable him to pass this on to others. He qualified as an MBCT level 1 teacher in late 2022 and has been delivering sessions to groups at Ingledale since the start of 2023.

Health benefits of Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to:

  • Make you less reactive to stress
  • Have a better working memory
  • Improve the ability to regulate emotions
  • Increase your compassion, empathy and perspective taking
  • Thicken the grey matter (essential to life) in key areas of the brain
  • Shrink the amygdala – making it less reactive to fear, worries, stress, anxiety

Sessions offered at Ingledale

Steve delivers a 6 week course with one session delivered to groups per week at a total cost of £140.

The sessions consist of the following:

  • A clear understanding on what meditation is
  • A greater understanding of why we might be struggling with a variety of issues including stress/fear/worries/anxieties/lack of sleep
  • Tools to help us do something about these issues
  • Techniques that help us have a healthier relationship with our mind and the thoughts that pass through it
  • Learn how to practise with a range of meditation techniques
  • Exposure to spiritual teachers and how to interpret their teachings
  • Understand what the brain science tells us about the enormous health benefits meditation can bring in just 6 weeks
  • Audio recordings of the guided meditations to use at home


Tel: 07748 946 288