Sophie Wright


Homeopathy, Homeobotanical remedies, Bioresonance

Sophie has been based at Ingledale since qualifying as a Homeopath in 2006 and is a member of The Complementary Medical Association. She offers an integrated approach to supporting clients, using a selection of healing modalities.


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle system of medicine, which stimulates the body to heal itself, taking into account the unique mental, emotional and physical traits of each individual person. In this respect Homeopathy is a process of supporting the body to optimum health and not an overnight cure. Remedies can be used to improve acute symptoms, however, long-term commitment to health by taking remedies regularly will enhance the body’s ability to remain physically and emotionally well.

Homeobotanical remedies

Homeobotanical remedies help to clear your body of toxins which have been either ingested, inhaled or absorbed, allowing your body to function more efficiently on its own. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the herbs help to nourish and rebuild your immune system, which in turn helps your body to rebuild and create a better sense of wellbeing.


Bioresonance is based on the theory of biophysics and tests the body’s biological energy fields, using electromagnetic feedback from your body to identify problems. This feedback allows me to identify what the body sees as a priority, so that I can best prescribe the right remedies and nutritional supplements, when they are most required.


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Sophie Wright