Rosie Haysom

Yoga Teacher & ‘Talk, Embody & Heal’ Therapist

Welcome 🙂

Having worked for many years as both a counsellor and yoga teacher, I decided to integrate the philosophies of East & West, of body & mind, to create my own brand of healing therapy – ‘Talk, Embody & Heal’.

I was drawn to develop this powerful therapy through watching people struggle to make real, positive change in their lives, even despite years of counselling or ‘bodywork’ therapies.

I saw how easy it is for people to find themselves stuck. Stuck with patterns of thought, with difficult to change behaviour, with low self-worth and value, with physiological symptoms that don’t improve or shift, with a sense of helplessness or lack of belief that improvement and change (let alone contentment) are even possible.

In particular, I noticed how hard it is for people who feel deeply traumatised by some of their experiences to be able to speak about them in counselling, and how they can find themselves ‘re-traumatised’ through trying to heal.

Both my yoga classes, and my ‘Talk, Embody & Heal’ therapy are designed to help us shift and heal, not just in body, but in mind and emotions too.

Because of the joining together of two very different approaches to healing, there are so many tools I can use to help people release the old, and embrace their chosen direction in life. I’ve outlined some of these below.

The most important aspect of all in my therapeutic approach is, however, the healing space that we hold together. It is this space that helps us create a supportive and loving relationship for you, with yourself.


  • Counselling skills and knowledge
  • Deeply developed intuition and listening on ‘all’ levels
  • Pranayama (powerful breath-work)
  • Chakra work
  • Energy healing
  • Inner child meditations
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Therapeutic Astrology readings (focussed on healing blockages & understanding emotional needs)



Tel: 07734 944 535



Feel free to contact me for more information, for class times and prices of both classes and 1:1 therapy.